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Real Estate Forms

Forms for Home Buyers

Home Inspectors - Facts For Consumers

An informational form required by Massachusetts State law to be given to all persons making an offer on a home.
Contract to Purchase This is the form you use to make an offer on a piece of real estate.

Forms for Home Sellers

Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Agreement  
Seller's Statement of Property Condition  

Forms for Both Home Buyers and Sellers

Mandatory Agency Disclosure Required form to be filled out by every person being shown a property by an agent or when listing a home.
Lead Paint Property Transfer Notification A form required under Massachusetts law whenever a home is place under agreement or is listed if the home was built before 1978. Required even by people selling their own home.
Purchase and Sale Agreement This contract that spells out all the details of the real estate transaction.

The accuracy of any of the listed forms are not guaranteed. Most of these are legal documents that create binding obligations. Never sign any contract if not completely understood without consulting an attorney.

These forms  are provided for informational purposes only and are fully copyrighted.