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Should You Use A Buyer's Agent?
A real estate agent can represent either the seller of a property or a buyer. Unless a Buyer's contract or the Massachusetts Agency Disclosure form is signed with the buyer, all agents showing a home represent the seller, either as the listing agent or a sub-agent (such as when you go to an open house). Because of this, the listing and the sub-agent's responsibilities include getting the highest possible price and the best terms for the seller. The buyer has no representation in this situation. These agents cannot tell you what you should offer on a property or the value of any improvements. They cannot offer an opinion on the condition of the property or tell you any information they may have about the seller's urgency to sell. On the other hand, the listing or sub-agent may report back to the seller with any information that you reveal concerning your finances, whether or not you would be willing to go higher on an offer you made, or how motivated you are to buy this home.
  A real estate agent who represents only the buyer is a "Buyer's Agent". There are two ways that you can be represented by a Buyer's Agent. The first is where the buyer and the agent enter into an agreement by signing a contract where the agent has exclusive rights for finding, negotiating, and purchasing property satisfactory to the buyer. The advantage that signing a contract has is that the agent may put all his or her efforts into finding you a home, because you have a contract stating that you must purchase a property through this agent. We do not normally represent buyers in this capacity. We believe if a buyer is not happy with our service, then he/she has the right to go to someone else. This assures that we will provide you with the best possible service.
The other way to be represented by an Buyer's Agent is by signing the mandatory Massachusetts Agency Disclosure, with the agent checking off the box that he/she is a buyer's agent. This is not a contract, but is a disclosure merely stating who the agent is representing. This disclosure is required by Massachusetts law before a licensed agent discusses a particular property. This is how we represent our clients as a Buyer's Agent.
 In either case, the agent has a fiduciary relationship with you and, as such, owes you loyalty, disclosure, confidentiality, obedience, honesty, accountability, and reasonable care and diligence. He/she will work in your best interest, give opinions on the value of the property, can reveal information about the seller's motivation, tell you whether the seller will take offers below asking price, negotiate the best price and terms for you, and present your offer to the seller.
  Your agent will keep you updated on all homes that meet your requirements and maintain contact with you through all steps of the home-buying process. In most cases, there is no cost to you - your buyer agent's fee comes from the listing agent.
In today's real estate's market the best homes sell very quickly. With a buyer's agent, you can be sure that you are the agent's top priority, and will have the best chance of finding the home you are looking for.
For more information on obtaining the services of a Buyer's Agent, call us at 
(978) 740-8700 or email Armstrong Field Real Estate.

Because we work as  Buyer's Agents, we can show you any home on the market - no matter what real estate company has it listed
(ie: Century 21, Re/Max, Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, Etc.) or who the listing agent is! To set up an appointment, call us at 978-740-8700.

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